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Wide-ranging tabletop role-playing discussion, a variety of guests, and occasional actual-play content. All done with a casual, conversational vibe.
Everything from tips for playing and GMing, to rule system discussions, with plenty of whatever happens to cross our minds along the way!
Are we ”experts”? No!
Do we really love ttRPGs? HECK YEAH!!!
To that end, we‘re just looking to start conversations to help folks better understand how they can have more fun playing make-believe, and chucking dice!

75: Bruce Nesmith

March 22, 2022

Lead Rules Design on Gamma World 4e, Lead Writer for the 2e Ravenloft box set, plus worked on Fallout 3,4, & 76, a number of the Elder Scrolls games, including Lead Designer for Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Usually I have some clever title or something, but this week, I think the above says enough!  Any one of those credits are significant, but the whole list, plus more??!!??

We have a chat with game designer (now turned author) Bruce Nesmith about the twists and turns that a career in game design has brought him.  From starting at TSR straight out of college, on through working at Bethesda Softworks, and now, to writing novels. 

Bruce even shares the wild story of how he initially got recruited into the gaming industry! 


Here's Bruce's current novel "Mischief Maker" on Amazon -- https://www.amazon.com/Mischief-Maker-Norse-Mythology-Reimagined/dp/195306213X/ref=sr_1_1


d20 Network Spotlight:  Eberron Renewed -- https://thegeekpantheon.com/category/podcast/eberron-renewed/


Game of the Week:

     Steve G:  Fight! 2e -- https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/307634/Fight-2nd-Edition?affiliate_id=2018399

     Bruce N:  Eclipse Phase 2e -- https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284022/Eclipse-Phase-Second-Edition?affiliate_id=2018399

     Steve S:  Havoc Brigade -- https://gshowitt.itch.io/havoc-brigade


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As always folks, have fun, be kind to each other, and go play some rpgs!


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